Monday, July 18, 2011

Washington State

Boyfriend and I took a trip to Washington state to visit my cousin (more like sister), Casey, and her husband Danny. Dave made for an excellent travel buddy and was a trooper during our flight (I'm terrified of flying). He let me squeeze the life out of his hand, and for that I am grateful. Good job boyfriend! 

Our summer vacation was spent in jackets, scarves, and boots, but it couldn't of been better. We were just about 5 miles south of Canada. It was gorgeous. We had a two hour drive from the airport to their house, but it was the most beautiful drive I have ever had. 

Dave and Danny discovered this thing called geocaching. If you don't know what that is, look it up, it is kind of like a scavenger hunt throughout the country. We spent most of our free time geocaching, and by we I mean Dave and Danny. Casey and I just followed along. :)

Just the beauty of Washington and being with some of my favorite people in the world would have been enough to make this trip amazing. The food though....well it took things to the next level. We actually ate so much that it would take an entire other post to list everything we had, but above are a couple pictures of my favorites. 

We went to a restaurant on the coast and I had a dungeness crab and lobster pizza, which was by far, the best pizza I have ever had. My mouth still waters when I think about it. Casey and I made some chicken wings as an appetizer to one of our dinners. They were gooooood! Grandma's recipes never fail.

Thanks Casey and Danny!



  1. Awesome. I need a trip like that!

  2. I have always wanted to see Washington! And I love to go geocaching!


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