Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wedding: Black, Gold & White

I was on the 100 Layer Cake blog and fell in love with the wedding invitations below. I think they are sooo cute! Black and gold are already a great color match, but add some stripes and I'm all over it! Here is an inspiration palette to match my new favorite wedding invites. Enjoy!

Bridesmaid Dress- Ouma
Groom's Shoes- 100 Layer Cake
Bridesmaid Tulip Bouquet-
Bride's Bouquet-
Wedding Stationary- 100 Layer Cake
Cupcakes- Sweet and Saucy
Wedding Ring- One Stone New York
Cuff Links- Eternally Linked
Wedding Dress-

P.S. Speaking of black and friend Sasha has an adorable fashion blog called Black 'n Gold a La Mode. And while I'm on it, my other friend, Taryn, has a great fashion blog as well, it's called Style Phenomenon. Check them out!

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  1. love love love this! of course ;) no but it really looks cute!


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